a good night on the back porch
14.08.14 | 1:11 pm

last night, matt and i sat on the back porch, overlooking this city because his aunt and uncle have the most wonderful view. they joined us as i drank wine and shared with karen and matt smoked.

we all just talked about hiking and jobs and dogs and just had such a nice time just being together as dusk turned to dark and it started to get windy and we all ushered ourselves in.

matt and i returned to his room and we talked about vacation and why i was sad if he doesn't get to go--to which he said if that's the case, he'll come back for my graduation and stay for a while. we talked about dogs and what kind we really like and if emma could still sleep in our bed and if we would take molly or nora with us if we get to move in together.

we just held hands forever and talked about our future and how i was scared and how that was okay and how eventually i know i would want to move back.

it was the nicest night, is all. the nicest, nicest night.

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