04.12.14 | 3:31 pm

i'll have the rest of this month to spend with my friends and family, not worrying about flying out there for job training. it's nice.

most of me is really excited, but there are parts of me that are also terrified.

i think that's normal, actually, right? moving across the country, away from everything you know and love?

i have always wanted to do that at some point. i still want to go teach abroad for a year.

everything worth doing, i think, is scary.

i have one more class, one more 30 page paper, and grading to do, then i'll walk to line, be finished with this degree.

things have a funny way of working out perfectly for me. i don't know if that comes from working hard or being lucky (or a combination of both, i'm sure), but being here, getting this degree...

it's one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

these past two years have been crazy and tumultuous, but i love it. i have loved it. i have made some of the most amazing, wonderful friends, and i have strengthened the bonds with the ones i already had.

i got lucky and through circumstance ended up in one of the best living situations possible--even when it wasn't, it fixed itself somehow, was fine again.

i want to move on to this "new chapter" (i actually hate when people say that, though) with a positive look on life, excited about everything, just like i used to be.

sometimes there is a tendency for me to make myself sad, to wallow in it, and it's not proactive, and it helps no one.

i am excited about both of my jobs.

i am excited about the possibility of these upcoming jobs.

i feel that, no matter what, everything will work out.

it always does.

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