wedding #1 next week
19.06.15 | 3:52 pm

i have an interview with an esl university where my friend mary works. if i am offered this job and accept, i will work my first job from 9-2:15, then work there at night from 6-10. probably worth it for the experience.

i am heavily looking into teaching abroad next year. whatever happens, at some point next year, i will have a job in another country teaching english. i have found three programs that last between 7-9 months, and two programs that are entire years.

lately, things have been quite all right. i have a lot of headaches, so i finally scheduled an eye exam (first one in about five years). i sincerely need some new glasses.

matt and i hung out with my friend mary and her boyfriend mike last weekend. we ran around denver and got caught in the rain, and it was a lot of fun. mike liked matt so much that we've already scheduled the next time we are hanging out (and it will be the first time that mike and mary get high). i'm actually really excited about this--i am going to DD and just drink a couple glasses of wine while everyone else eats some edibles and then probably lots of food.

i was given another class at my job, which is really nice. it forced me to switch from my favorite level (my beautiful level 4 babies!). it doesn't matter how old my students are, i still think of them as babies.

it's really comforting talking to matt about going abroad. he says, "it will make me sad, but i really want you to do it. you need to do it."

he finally ordered his new computer (his first one in 9 years!). he's so excited! he's building it himself and everything. i'm very pleased for him--he's literally been wanting to do this for the last two years.

so, i now have bought all three plane tickets for all three of my brothers' weddings this summer/fall. that's a load off!

matt and i are planning on visiting DC labor day weekend, too, so i still need to buy that, as well.

i am trying to plan so many trips right now. we really want to go to boulder this summer and visit, plus see a play by the colorado shakespeare festival.

we've been in denver a lot, colorado springs a few times, now i've been to red rocks and garden of the gods. we are going to castlewood canyon soon. i think we should visit rocky mountain national park.

last weekend we went to an arts festival right here in town. we took emma with us, and she did really well, and it was fantastic to be out in the town with matt and my dog looking at all this pretty, expensive art around all these people.

i can't wait for all these weddings. i can't wait to be home next weekend and finally see my family for the first time in 6 months.

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