this is a stressful time
16.10.15 | 9:05 am

yesterday was miserable. the night before, i got three hours of sleep because - and i am not exaggerating - i had three dreams about missing my alarm in a row! of course, after that, i couldn't sleep.

i had to stay at work later than expected and was so exhausted that my head wouldn't stop pounding.

but in case you ever thought my boyfriend treated me poorly, here is what he did for me last night:

he wasn't tired, but of course i was, so he went to bed with me, cuddling me and keeping me warm. after a few minutes, i said, "my brain won't stop." he let me list off everything in my head, and then -

he started telling me a story. just some silly story about imaginary person going to college.

and to his voice, i finally drifted off to sleep.

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