26.03.16 | 8:39 am

i just woke up this morning feeling wrong. i don't know how to describe it.

last year, i cried because i made matt an easter basket and i expected him to make me one, too, because i'd been having such a hard time. he didn't.

this year he did: a basket with reese's eggs and three bottles of wine. it was really kind. i haven't gotten him anything. now i guess i should.

i want to go shopping today but i also really need to work. i think maybe i'll just go shopping first if the roads are okay (it snowed last night).

i need new makeup because i left all the stuff I regularly use in NOLA.

up until last night, i had fully adulted this week and brushed my teeth and washed my face every night.

i came here to write about how i only want to have sex when i'm drunk but now i don't want to.

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