is there life on marsssss
25.03.16 | 7:05 pm

i never really listened to david bowie, but i am obsessive about this song right now.

it takes me back to being 21 and having a crush on my french partner, jon. he was a giant, over 6'0", and he would argue with me about shakespeare. of course i had a crush on him.

i wonder briefly what he's doing now. he was one of those super cool people to me - he smoked (which, despite being disgusting, i used to find hot from far away), he drank, he had parties, and he was generally cool and funny around peope in a way i never have been.

tomorrow i am actually hanging out with people and i am excited.

god, i truly miss having a group of people you knew would hang out with you, would show up. i am hoping for this to go well. matt is going too, so i will probably have to make sure he is not obnoxious. oh well.

i am feeling in a bit of a rut. a solid three months feeling really good is a great streak, though.

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