09.04.16 | 1:15 pm

I am sitting in the parking lot. Waiting. Knowing that when I walk in, I won't be greeted happily. I won't be hugged. Or kissed. I might not even be talked to.

One of my biggest fears is that no one will ever love me as much as he does. I wish I could explain it.

No one else will put me to bed and read Sherlock Holmes to me until I fall asleep.

No one else will always cook for me or watch hours of hgtv reruns with me.

No one else will be inexplicably excited about seeing me when they come home every night.

I wish I could have waited two more months. Then I could just drive home.

But no. Now I have to Figure Something Out.

I feel hollow. Like I am dead. I guess that's what they always say.

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