18.01.20 | 8:37 pm

last night, i went to lisa's house for my first raclette. i talked to her and her other guests in english and in french, but mostly i played with her 4 year old daughter who asked me, "est-ce que tu peux m'apprendre l'anglais?" and "est-ce qu'on peut ecouter a la reine de neige encore?" so, we went to her room, listened to the french version of "let it go" from frozen, and danced.

it was lovely.

tonight, i'm waiting for my other friends to get into town so we can go to beer o'clock and see a coworker's band play. i've already had a few glasses of wine, and i'm in the mood to find someone, to have a conversation, to bring them home.

but i won't.

because it's not what i actually want.

my life is very good. i know sometimes i have a flair for the dramatic. i always want something interesting to be happening.

but that's not all of life.

and that's okay.

so we'll listen to the band tonight, drink a little, talk a lot, and it will be enough.

it will be enough.

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