water and david
31.01.20 | 6:35 pm

i hadn't had water pressure in my apartment since tuesday night (showered twice at tito's apartment - it's so amazing to have friends a two-minute walk away) but now, finally, the landlord came and fixed it. i've never been so happy to wash my dishes.


i went on a date last night to beer o'clock with a guy named david. it turns out we live on the same street - me in building 66, him in building 64. the world is funny that way.

he looked much better than his pictures and he held himself much better than i expected - he spoke very surely and confidently and i found that quite attractive about him. also, it felt very easy to talk with him in french. overall, it was quite fun.

we will see each other again.


i am so exhausted this week. i'm going to watch the good place finale and the last bit of bojack horseman.

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