i said, he can't say these things to me, it makes me think he's in love with me (and he's not)
08.03.20 | 11:12 pm

i can't help but wonder

the other day, i asked you (it was relevant to the conversation), would you ever move back to the usa? and you immediately said: yes.

and today, out of nowhere, you asked, do you think you could see yourself living in france like definitively? and my answer was a bit more complicated: in my dream life, i would either live in the usa or france but spend my summers in the opposite country.

i left room for conversation, but you just said, i see, and moved on.

sometimes it feels like we are both just testing the waters, a little bit at a time, moving forward, moving back, ebbing, flowing.

i'm not sure what to make of it.

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