good to me
27.08.20 | 6:15 pm

i've been having lots of good feelings toward my body this week. recently moved my full-length mirror one foot to the left and now i can watch myself while i'm doing yoga. and it's nice -- literally seeing what my body can do, the way it can twist and contort. i can see myself when i'm doing my strength training, how straight my back can get, the sweat pouring down my chest.

i feel powerful, running 10-15 miles a week (it might not be a lot for many people, but it is something i'm very proud of), stretching and being kind to my body in the morning or at night with gentle yoga, i feel... good.

i feel good.

i sit all day at my desk at work now (hooray virtual school, i guess), and i find myself thinking, i can't wait to get home and run. i change into workout clothes immediately when i get home. my body is so ready to move.

it's good, all of this.

i don't want to lose it.


kayley just sent me her account info so i could watch a killer party: a murder mystery musical and i just watched the first episode and i am so excited about it. i miss going to the theatre so much -- i really do. things like this just energize me, really get me hyped about things. i miss my season passes to broadway in louisville.

it's good to remember.


i have a bit of time to think about it, but i had gotten it so solid in my head that i would be here for the next year that now i am not sure about france (the virus cases keep rising, what if things lock down again, what if there is a second wave, what if i basically can't even do anything i'd want to do because of all of this?). it's a lot to think about. that's all.

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