02.09.20 | 5:38 pm

i asked one of my french tutors today what level (according to the A1-C2 scale) i am in french (because i'm considering taking the delf/dalf test and i'm also considering taking the french praxis ii test) and he told me "B2-C1. B2 sûr, C1 à voir."

so i feel really cool, the idea that anyone would even consider me close to C1 (advanced) feels incredible to me.

so i went and found videos of people taking the B2 delf or C1 dalf tests and realized i could understand most, if not all, they were saying.

i wish i weren't so hard on myself.

i often think that if i am not absolutely perfect and incredibly knowledgeable about something, then i am trash. but i guess that's not true.


i am so tired of staring at a screen (since that is what i do 8 hours a day with virtual school) that i'm just going to go read for a long time.

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