17.01.21 | 12:27 pm

some days i think i’ll never feel like that again. that maybe i’ll continue talking to this boy, that i’ll continue having little to no feelings for him, and maybe that’s how it will always be, with anyone else, from now on.

and then i remember how i felt last year, at the end of february when it started, how my heart skipped a beat every time i saw your name flash on my phone (which was several times every hour).

there’s got to be more than this.

i’m watching bridgerton now and eloise is my favorite character, especially when she says things like, “so daphne is in love. does she think that’s an accomplishment?”

it’s better to have this state of mind.

it’s better than this.

you just now sent me a picture of a reese’s, the candy i introduced you to.

“i haven’t tried this since the night we went out in avignon,” you say.

will it ever just stop

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