06.11.21 | 11:46 am

every time i try to write something here, it feels trite. i've come several times over the last few weeks to try to get things out of my brain and on "paper", only to close it out without posting. not sure what that means.

i got my booster yesterday and so i'm taking it easy today. (though i did just write a huge to-do list of things i need to get done, so.)

went on a date last night that maturely did not end with making out in my car (or any kiss at all, actually). it was relatively fun. he is cute and seems kind and ambitious, which i appreciate. he also seems much more quiet and introverted and less forward than i would like, but what can you do? his name is seth and he's from my hometown too, graduated a year before me.

been texting with this other dude named patrick who never asks me what i'm doing or what kinds of things i'll be up to, but instead really wants to tell me lots about himself. so, ya know. that's cool. he's telling me allllll about his knee injury and i never got to tell him i went to new orleans because he literally. never. asked. and yet i continue to talk to people like this. i don't know why.

something to talk about in therapy maybe, hahaha. i did have my first session yesterday, but it was very short and she mostly asked me questions, and then said she thinks my anxiety was really brought on by the traumatic event of being locked in my apartment alone in france for 23 hours a day for three months which... makes sense. never thought of it as being "traumatic" but... yeah.

anyway. i'm actually going to post this one, i think.

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