for you (aka tia reads too much into everything always, even two little tiny words)
14.05.13 | 12:17 am

so i suppose it is becoming a nightly thing to skype each other and talk about our days. you tell me about your amazing job interview and ask me about how much emma loved the dog park, and i tell you how she went in a white dog but came out a brown dog and that i went to trivia tonight.

i mailed you the great gatsby today and you tell me i need to read the hobbit.

i'm not doing myself any favors here.

everything you say pounds into my head that you're in colorado and you're staying there, even when you tell me that when i come and visit you we will take all six dogs (your family's five and my one) on a walk without leashes on the mountain trails.

this has happened to me before--someone hanging on because they're in a new place, not quite settled in, and are desperate to keep something they know so well. i am, perhaps, a reminder of kentucky. a reminder of something remaining the same as your life drastically changes.

i deserve more than that.

i'm a broken record.

you're my best friend and my favorite.

i don't know what to do anymore.

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