my parents are the best parents.
11.07.14 | 10:24 pm

my parents took me--just me--out to eat mexican tonight and we stayed there for two and a half hours talking to two of the workers we all really like there and just talking to each other.

i think this is a result of my dad seeing how upset i was.

it was really, really nice. i love my family.

now i took a nice, hot bath and downed some nyquil and my mom helped me turn over my baby brother's mattress and it's a thousand times more comfortable.

tomorrow i'm driving up to go to a bachelorette party with two of my best friends (and then some) and i'm so excited to hang out with all of them and to then get roaring drunk (hopefully) and be silly and--

i rarely get drunk around people; it's usually i feel like drinking a bottle of wine by myself while watching good tv and surfing the internet and chilling out.

so it'll be nice to just get really drunk around other people.

and then the next night we're going to shakespeare in the park.

their wedding is in a week! can you believe it? two of my very best friends--people i lived with in college and one i went to high school with--they love each other so much, are stuck to each other so much, that they are going to marry each other and pledge their love and...

it's safe to say i'll be a bucket of tears.

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