feeling kind of adult for once.
05.01.15 | 9:26 pm

a few days before i started the move out here, i became nervous. was i making the wrong decision? was this a bad mistake? was i just searching for an adventure that would crash and burn?

but now, sitting on the bed with matt in his recliner, after driving about sixteen hours across the country and dealing with a front wheel drive car in scary snow, after spending all day walking through ikea and target while i kept feeling waves of sickness and he kept being incredibly accommodating and nice...

i know this was the right decision for me.

i am so happy and calm right now, and i am so excited for what is to come.

soon, i know, i will feel terrible homesickness. we will fight and i will feel, at times, as though this was a mistake.

but overall, i am so happy to be here.

and that's what really matters.

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