loneliest holiday. hooray.
02.04.15 | 7:01 pm

i feel like i work constantly.

sunday is my first day off in a literal month. it's easter.

matt had the option of not working. they asked him if he wanted to. he said yes. without asking me. without consulting me at all.

so now, i am spending easter all alone. at home. all day. not even working. doing nothing. and i want to cry about it.

i got matt an easter basket but i doubt he will do anything similar. i guess we'll see. i cried about it being my first easter without my family, not getting my easter basket, not getting any reese's eggs. not seeing my nieces and nephew.

matt has an interview for a job at a bank on monday. i really hope he gets it. he needs something different from what he has now, he needs new (more professional? more put together?) people to be around, and he needs experience in the field he wants to work in.

we'll see i guess.

i want to do things. on the weekend. but we work.

and work and work.

why can't i find a decent full time job? something with benefits?

when i turn 26, still have a million part time jobs, and have no benefits, my birth control will cost about $200 a month. so, you know, none of that i guess.

i like working where i work now, but i wish i had more hours. like, i wish i taught four classes, and i wish i could still teach private lessons when offered.

i wish i had a full time job.

i wish i had a better work schedule.

the things everyone wants, so whine whine whine some more.

speaking of, i am going to drink some wine. some merlot. last time i drank red wine, i got horrifically sick (not from drinking too much), so let's see how this goes.

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