an update i guess
10.12.15 | 6:33 pm

if only, if only.

my coworker and i set up my student on a date with one of her friends. my heart is settling. thankfully.

the other night, i got furious at matt because i was drinking wine, we were in the same room just on our phones not talking, and when i got loud he told me to stop. for some reason, i took this very personally, decided he wouldn't let me have any fun, and just cried and went to bed.

i'm trying so hard. it might not seem like it, but i swear. i'm trying so hard.

i've lost 3.5% body fat, lost 8 lbs of fat, gained 5 lbs of muscle.

what would any of this be like with just a few changes...

i can't wait to go back to kentucky next week. i'm so excited i could cry.

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