how is it 8pm rn
07.01.19 | 7:35 pm

i have officially finished the last bit of the application for the fulbright thing. already a semi-finalist, and i should know around march (at the earliest) through may (at the latest) if i actually got it.


you're officially back in the country, so now my mind is wandering to the question: will you bother to get in touch with me? when really i shouldn't be worried about it at all because:

1) i had tea with ben last friday
2) i had coffee with rachid last saturday
3) i am having wine with charlie this friday
4) zak, pradeep, and tin are all sort of awaiting the next time i am in their area so we can meet up

and you may be thinking, tia, are you just trying to psyche yourself up with all of these other people who you, regrettably, don't care very much about? are you just trying to psyche yourself up for when it becomes painfully apparent that he's not going to text you again?

and the answer to that would be:

a resounding yes, thank you.


actually, charlie seems like he might be okay, albeit probably a little too pretty/good-looking for me. he says dumb cute stuff sometimes, i guess. he has a nice beard. a little hipstery. we probably won't care about each other very much because that's how it normally goes.

and ben and rachid were perfectly fine human beings. i just can't get myself to seem to care.

and i've gotten really bad at answering text messages recently. probably because i'm overwhelmed with the amount of people who are texting me. but what can ya do. (not text so many people, probably.)

i'm actually literally helping zak out with this girl he went on a date with the other day. like helping him with all the texting and what have you. we will probably never actually meet but he seems fine, if a bit of a sadboi.


i've been sitting in the floor on my yoga mat for straight up thirty minutes and haven't done a damn thing.

i wanna go do some tarot and then finish binge watching you (highly recommend, by the way).

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