29.01.19 | 5:25 pm

i'm so bored and tired. ready to be done with this online class and with this MAT program in general. last semester, so. soon.

literally all i wanna listen to is in the heights or my favorite murder, there is no in-between.

find myself easily distracted, really wanting personal attention, affection. but i've essentially cut myself off from that. withdrawal, or something.

i think i need to go back to the chiropractor.

i've not been reading before bed. i can't focus.

there is a lot about my job that is so tiring. it is so tiring to jump through so many hoops to receive such minimal effort in return. but some days it is okay.

i only want to eat and drink. i'm supposed to work out today, but i am under the weather, getting sick, and i actually feel guilty about it. i'm so behind on my homework though. i have so much to do.

my birthday is in two weeks. i am feeling a little overwhelmed on how to celebrate. everyone is so widespread that i can't bring everyone together in one spot.

so this weekend is my family's party (90s themed).

i will go to louisville the weekend of the 23rd because kayley will be in town.

no idea, really, in between. maybe try to go salsa dancing. maybe do a wine class thingy.

my actual birthday is a wednesday, so i want to be really intentional with what i actually do that day and make it a day well spent.

just found out school is closed tomorrow due to cold temperatures, so i'm gonna go do my homework and maybe drink wine and watch more clips of in the heights/listen to it forever byeee

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