rim rock trail
17.06.20 | 2:23 pm

it is good to feel that, after an actual rest day, my body feels so much more capable, so much stronger. it is something i tend to forget.

i am so thankful for the lack of tension in my shoulders these days, for the fact that i can twist and bend without a second thought, for how far my body can take me.

after taking pictures this weekend and getting the opportunity to see, honestly, what my body looks like right now -- i feel so much more at peace, somehow. i see how long my hair actually is. i see the definition in my legs. i see how soft i still am (and i do love the softness), but also how strong -- how healthy? -- i look.

more so than all this: spending two and a half days with my best friend reminds me of who i actually am. after being isolated for so long, and now only with my family, sometimes it is easy to forget these bits of myself.

this is going to be a healthy summer for me (mentally, emotionally, physically). i can feel it.

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