12.01.22 | 7:55 pm

things are incredibly busy at the moment... i am exhausted. excited to spend the long weekend with seth, excited to plan a trip to the grand canyon, excited to... sleep.

my thirty-second birthday is in one month and one day. already have things planned out, restaurants reserved, games planned to play.

struggling a bit with some feelings that i really need to write down, really need to get out and analyze. maybe i just need to cry. maybe i'm actually just so tired.

first books of the year are klara and the sun (finished, would recommend) and the song of achilles (halfway through and in love).

i am always so hyper-focused on my to-do list, all these things i need to do to be a decent human. or an interesting one, at least. and i'm overwhelmed with it all.

idk but i maintain that cold water is overrated and the best thing in the world.

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