diaries of old
2012-01-31 | 9:16 p.m.

i have considered doing this for a long time. clearly this shows that i lack an ability for commitment or that i need constant change or something.

these are all the old diaries i've had on good old diaryland since i was fourteen years old. i'm turning twenty-two in less than two weeks. this is an entire eight years of my life.

the funniest part about it is that as soon as i started looking these up, i kept finding more. and more. and more. diaries i didn't even remember. diaries i have no recollection of at all.

it's amazing.

so here we go.

perfcts0nnet november 2004-january 2005.

wish-at11-11 december 2004-january 2008.

rainingdream december 2004-january 2008.

phasers2stun january 2005-march 2006.

yellow on blue july 2005-march 2006.

thedaybreaks july 2005-january 2008.

live-a-dream september 2005-december 2007.

summer-eyes march 2006-january 2008.

coldsunlight april 2006-october 2006.

inyourmemory june 2006-january 2008.

heylyla november 2006-january 2008.

sunshining august 2007-january 2008.

evasively january 2008-october 2008.

cest-la-vie- october 2008-august 2009.

bodywritten january 2009-march 2009.

reasontostay august 2009-july 2010.

and now i'm here.

everything i've written... it's all so cyclical. those feelings i felt then, i feel them now. it's ridiculous. i thought that i had grown, that i had progressed in some way... evidently not.

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